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Established 2006 to last past December 2012 as a time capsule of YOUR links and Glass House Mountains history dating back Millions of years ago including the native aboriginal legend of the mountains and current exploration. Profits are used to protect the Earth!

 Sold : 25,300
    Left : 974,700
  10x10 pixels =
1 Block = A$100
 100% Profit Used
   In Carbon Offset
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do this?
  3. How will the money be spent? New!
  4. Why should I buy your pixels? New!
  5. Why can't I buy one single pixel?
  6. How long will the web site be online?

1. Who are we?

FOUNDER: Farmer Christian Curtis of Glass House Mountains, Queensland Australia. I have lived in South East Queensland most of my life, only in the last thirty-six months have I discovered the beauty and majestic splendour that the Glass House Country Region offers. Christian's professional history started with McDonald's Fries and as soon as legal, management progressing into a few years of career experimentation doing such things as Casino Keno writing, Monorail supervisor and driver, entertainment venue box office ticketing, developing into a respected call centre industry until robots took my job, again. I have been lucky to know where the world was evolving into and established in late 2000 after first experimenting with html as a Monorail driver, my first world wide exclusive website, made with notepad and raw html was of the TNT Monorail Sydney, and I connected with the global digital dreamtime. Web 2.0 is fresh and my destination of 3.0 and is just a new perspective away. I have decided to follow in the footsteps of our local hero, the late Steve Irwin and become more conservationist, dedicated to 'our own backyard' for the entire planets health. Our blog and myspace will help you discover more of who we are..


2. Why do this?

Desperate times require desperate measures. We all need a lifestyle change and the local environment needs our help protecting it from future development and balance our global Carbon Debt.

When I first started this project, our desire was to protect 26 acres of land surrounding the 2 acres I and housemate at the time, Michael, currently lived on from being sub-divided and sold off as smaller house blocks, the land surrounding us and the 26 acres is home to many native and endangered species of animals and plants including the Black Cockatoo which stops off here to feed from the native trees and bushes on it's migratory flights. As we have learned more about what this land offers, we have come to realise it would be greedy and selfish of us to keep it to ourselves therefore our desire is to share this amazing region with not only the world via the Internet, but also with our Youth who's responsibility it is to care for this planet Earth and to help teach the next generation of youth to realise the importance of caring for this fragile planet. Although we can not save the entire world, and every tree in every forest, we can take the responsibility to protect our most valuable natural environmental areas while at the same time discovering that within every human is a hero that can make a difference in creating a better future. Start at home. This project has evolved into a sister site, both securing land for lifetime carbon debt offset and protection.


3. How will the Money be spent?

Wisely after prayer. Firstly our aim was to purchase the 26 acres of Glass House Mountains land and declare it protected. The land had some campsite areas established originally in the late 1800's that we planned to open up to organised youth group camps to experience the Glass House Region and this unique environment. In early 2007 this 26 acres was divided into two and sold off independently. The larger and most natural of the two blocks is now used by local family for motorcross, it is closed to the public. This web site is produced at Freedom Farm which is our first major protection purchase goal. Our requirement here is $288,000 AU (2,880 Blocks) also our neighbouring house and 3 acres is again on the market for sale about $400,000 (4,000 blocks).The remaining land in the sub division became home to local family and their children, meanwhile a large slice of the land became the Northern Interconnecting underground water pipe carrying desalinated Gold Coast City water to Gympie Gold region.

Your offset will also pay web site running costs and future web site hardware such as web cameras and a server, onsite advertising should cover these costs so please you can also support by visiting our advertisers. We plan to have multiple web cameras to choose from, a camera at the Billabong and a Mountain Camera that will be interactive and offer zoomable views of the Glass House Mountains. In the mean time, Productions in partnership, creates Internet Videos as seen in our Blog and youTube as well as Google Video and from today, February 22, 2008 at GodTube also. Our requirement here is a Camera HD quality upgrade to either Nokia N93i or better Nokia N95 $1,500 AU (150 Blocks).

After these purchases, further land will be sort to protect for our future. This time capsule on the internet will also protect real land on the real Earth for our children's children to enjoy these multi million year old mountain monoliths. With recent climate change events my hearts purpose is to also use the web site as an opportunity for companies and web sites to invest income into 'Carbon Offset' and with funds install mini wind farms to create 'Green Electricity' and supply it back to the local grid.

Some blocks are used to residually provide income from commissions and are not for sale.


4. Why should I buy your pixels?

Protecting the environment is not the only benefit, you will also have an image and a link to your web site on the homepage of a site that could potentially be seen by millions of people around the world over the coming years. The site will be online for at least 5 years, that's guaranteed, but the idea is to keep it online forever. So you really could own a piece of 'internet history'! Anyone, anywhere in the world can purchase these pixels, it's not just for local web sites, it can benefit anyone with a web site looking for internet visitors. Our goal is to create historical content of the region past December 2012, after which a lifetime payment for URL will be made as with hosting, self hosted and mirrored. One of Gods lessons regarded giving.


5. Why can't I buy one single pixel?

It was originally decided that although it would probably be cool if individuals could buy a single pixel each, in practice, it wouldn't be so effective. The reason I believe this is because you can't display anything meaningful in one pixel - nor click it easily - so visually, it would be pointless. With thousands of random tiny coloured dots all over the place, the homepage would look ghastly.

I also thought that the site would appeal more to people with businesses/web sites to advertise than it would to individuals, or to put it more accurately, businesses would pay more to have a meaningful graphic on the homepage. Hence the minimum purchase is A$100 - a 10x10 block.

However! If you really want to own a single pixel, there is always the option of clubbing together with your friends/family/colleagues and buying a 10x10 block.


6. How long will the web site be online?

The site will be online for 5 years guaranteed (at least until 8th August 2011), however the aim is to keep the site online forever (or as long as humanly possible). Our goal is to create historical content of the region until December 2012, after which a lifetime payment for URL will be made as with hosting. We expect to sell out 100% well before this date.

The idea is to create something of an internet time capsule: a homepage that is unique and permanent. Everything on the internet keeps changing so fast, it will be nice to have something that stays solid and permanent for many years. You can be a part of that!



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